You try to do your best to limit your exposure to the activities, places and individuals that stimulate chemical cravings, and yet you will not do away with cravings totally. Finding out the best way to cope with and conquer substance or alcohol cravings is consequently an essential competency in each and every journey of rehabilitation.

Substance dependency therapy services train those in recovery/restoration competencies that whenever applied and put to use in real world conditions of enticement, can extend healing/restoration for yet one more day; which is how most of us survive, day-to-day.

Following is a quick summation of a handful of of the strategies taught to help manage substance or alcohol cravings, as advised by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).


Leaving a circumstances of craving and distracting yourself with an alternative activity is a very good means to prevent surrendering to the allure of chemicals.

Authorities highly recommend that you create a variety of actions that could distract you from a craving should the need present themselves (going bowling, taking your pet for a walk, buying the groceries, have fun with a video game, buy or read a book, attending a meeting, compose peotry, etc.).

Numerous folks try to control cravings for a certain substance by consuming some other substance, for instance, a cocaine addict/abuse can use cannabis to suppress cocaine cravings. This is a incredibly poor method and too frequently leads to complete relapse; therefore having a list of better tactics at the ready could help to prevent chemical alternative behaviors.

Recalling Why You Do Not Use

While having an powerful craving, folks focus on a memory of the joys of substance abuse, failing to remember temporarily why they quit using the chemical in the first place. Reminding yourself the reason you selected to stop using the chemical while in a time of craving can reinforce your resolve to remain strong.

A few therapists advocate that you in fact note down a checklist of healthy motives for remaining substance free on an catalog card and keep that list on your person at all times. For the duration of a rough moment of cravings, you could go through your list and recall at that exact moment exactly why you have to continue being strong.

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As An Example

Deteriorating liver condition Lose custodianship of my children if I begin using

My spouse may well walk out on me

If I test out positive yet another time, I will lose my career

Speaking Your Way Through The Craving

Speaking through an occurrence of craving as it occurs may serve to help you to deal with the intensity involved with it. Sharing with somebody you put your trust in about what you are going through at the instant of a craving can enable you and lessen a little of the fear and anxiety connected with fighting in opposition to cravings on your own. Speaking through the craving as it takes place could furthermore serve to help you to even better grasp exactly what produced the emotions of temptation.

Letting Go -- Feeling The Craving

Making yourself go through a drug or alcohol craving in a notably abstract and unattached kind of way could significantly diminish the suffered power of the occurrence.

Practitioners instruct you to picture the craving as a wave of water that is about to crash into you, starting off small, developing in strength, hitting maximum power and subsequently abating. Rather than fighting the craving, as you commonly would, while surrendering yourself you attempt to feel the craving as thoroughly as is possible.

Find yourself a comfy and safe space, settle-back and allow yourself to truly feel the craving.


Precisely what does it truly feel similar to?

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What exactly do my feet feel like? My knees, my abdomen, my neck, my teeth and gums, etc.

Just how formidable is the craving right now? Is it getting more powerful or is it waning?

Can you report the sentiment of the craving in words and phrases?

In a peculiar manner, in suffering through the craving fully you detach yourself from its impact. A lot of individuals have found that this indifferent experiential system substantially lessens the power as well as regularity of cravings.

Limiting The Power Of The Inner Voice

In nearly all of us, inner thoughts of craving unleash an intrinsic discussion that persuades us all of the inevitability of use.

A craving might lead to inner talk like:

I have got to have an alcoholic beverage

I cannot battle this another minute

Once we consume an objective look at craving induced inner voice statements, we can see that they are not inherently true at all; and so we can learn to counter some of these assertions with more legitimate cognitions of reality.

"I absolutely need a drink" ends up being, "I may desire a drink, however I do not need to have a drink, and virtually all feelings of craving will disappear.".

"I can't fight against this any more" develops into, "Cravings may be difficult and unpleasant , nevertheless they are just short-lived, I will feel improved in a minute, so long as I don't drink or use .".


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